Busy Beegu. Week Ending: 8.6.18


This week we have read the story Beegu as part of our English learning. Today we wrote a set of instructions for a game so that Beegu could understand what to do.

In maths we have been learning about commutative law and inverse operations. 

+ and X use the commutative law because the first two numbers in the number sentence can be swapped around.
2 x 5 = 10
5 x 2 = 10

This week Harry is our Star of the Week for his positive attitude and applying himself. 

Well done Finlay who will be taking home Tweet this weekend because he has contributed his ideas and thoughts towards class discussions. 

In PSHE we were thinking of questions we had about starting Year 3 and we shared our thoughts and feelings with each other as part of a circle time. 

This week we found out our play is called Tuishi Pamoja. Soon we will be sending home letters about our different parts in the play. 

During computing we created algorithms for the beebot or turtle to follow, we then came up with short cuts so the algori…

May Day Celebrations. Week Ending: 25.5.18


Today Year 2 did the maypole as part of our May Day celebrations. We also did our country dancing and we had a very big audience! Yeukai and Austin were the May Queen and King for Chestnut Class. Thank you for coming to watch we enjoyed watching every class dance. 

We finished our class book Opal Moonbaby so we decided to write a book review sharing our thoughts on the book. 

This week Chestnut have been very busy as we have been finding out about the artist Monet and his painting 'Haystacks'.
Today we have been continuing with our Monet artwork. We have been trying to recreate the Haystacks painting onto our own canvas. 

Today in assembly Maddy played 'Punch and Judy' on the piano, it sounded fantastic! 

This week the Star Award is going to Charlie for always being ready for his learning. Well done.

Tweet will be spending half term in Chestnut Class looking through all our books to see the progress we have made so far in Year 2. 

Home learning is to keep a diary of wha…

Busy Brains and Showing Off our Learning! Week Ending:18.5.18


We have been working on special booklets where we get to show off our learning of reading, maths and SPAG. 

In Maths we have been using empty number lines, jottings and mental strategies to solve subtraction number sentences. Some strategies are best suited for certain number sentences.

Today Mrs Byrne visited us and she was impressed with our learning and how much we have grown! 

During creative writing we came up with an alternative ending. In some of our stories Goldilocks and the Three Bears became friends or Goldilocks had an accident and ended up in hospital! 

This week we have been practising our maypole and country dancing ready for May Day next Friday. Our May King and Queen this year are Austin and Yeukai. 

Home Learning is to design a poster for the Summer Sizzler. 

Well done to Ben who is our Star of the Week for listening to instructions and focusing on his learning.

Tweet will be spending the weekend with Harry as he has been showing great independent learning and takes p…

Big Bubble Adventure. Week Ending: 11.05.18


This weekend Tweet will be going home with Emily because Emily is always ready for her learning and offers to support others with their learning. 

In maths we have been finding a fraction of a shape and a fraction of a number. 

1/4 of 12 = 3

During creative writing we wrote our own bubble adventure story. We blew bubbles in the classroom and came up with lots of descriptive language to describe how the bubbles looked and travelled. 

Congratulations to Yeukai who is our Star of the Week for her brilliant independence during her creative writing. 

Home Learning is to research the artist Monet and record in your own way.

Don't forget this evening it is the lower school disco!

Have a good weekend, 

Chestnut Class

A Busy Train Ride. Week Ending: 4.5.18


This week Milly received Tweet for her brilliant ideas that she came up with for her train poem. 

Well done to Georgina who is our Star of the Week for always being kind and friendly to others. 

Today we have been writing our own poems. Yesterday we planned and drew the illustrations. We used ideas from the poem 'The Train Ride'.

During PSHE we were talking about the difference between secrets and surprises. 

We really enjoyed holding the ducklings, we also watched them go for a swim in the paddling pool! We thought they were really cute! 

On Thursday morning we went to Woodlands. 

In maths we have been learning about reading and writing the time. Home learning is to keep a diary of what you get up to over the weekend at different times. 

Please continue to practise reading and telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. 

Don't forget that Monday is a bank holiday and the school disco is on Friday.

From a Railway Carriage. Week Ending: 27.4.18

In maths this week we have been measuring. We used measuring jugs to work out how many ml each container could hold. We compared the weight of different objects using the < > sign. 

During science we carried out our own experiment to test how far cars would travel and we recorded the distance. Some of us changed the material that the cars travelled on, some groups changed the cars and other groups changed the height of the ramp. 

Today we are wearing sports clothes to raise awareness of the Redbourn Fun Run that is taking place on Sunday 20th May. 21 children in Chestnut will be taking part! 

We read a poem about called 'From a Railway Carriage' and we became detectives as we searched for the verbs and plural words. 

Well done to Oliver who is our Star of the Week for helping others with their learning.

Tweet will be spending the weekend with Tommie because he persevered with his reading and maths. 

Have a good weekend,

Chestnut Class

All aboard a new term! Week Ending: 20.04.18

This week we went to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre.We went on a miniature railway and saw different Disney characters on the way.We had a fantastic time and learnt all about trains.We learnt that coal is made from a fossilised tree and we met Janice the South African steam train.
It is an exciting week because we got to meet our new head teacher, Mrs Hinchliffe.Mrs Hinchliffe is happy, kind and fun – we all drew a portrait of her to display on the board.Our school is now called Redbourn Primary School and this afternoon we are going to the official opening ceremony of our school – how exciting!
Well done to Austin who is taking Tweet home for his fantastic concentration and perseverance.
Our star of the week is Ramana for being a kind and caring member of the class – well done Ramana!
Have a lovely, sunny weekend.
Chestnut Class.